This was stated by the Co-Chairman of the OPPOSITION BLOC Yuriy Boyko in a commentary to journalists.

“We see that gas tariffs were raised 8 times compared to 2013, while people have been impoverished and simply unable to pay for them. The fact that the authorities in this matter act under the dictation of the IMF, raising tariffs at its request is a real crime and a direct way to a social explosion. After all, it is impossible to explain to people why they should pay for Ukrainian gas, which belongs to them, like for imported gas. There is no logic in this. We are absolutely against this, tariffs need to be lowered, and this is no populism, it’s a simple logic, because people should understand what they pay for,” Yuriy Boyko said.

Commenting on the scandal around the giant premiums issued by the leadership of “Naftogaz”, the opposition politician noted that people were really outraged, because these awards would suffice, for example, to cover all the debts of the state to miners. “Instead, the miners had to seek their wages with rallies and protests. And only thanks to this and the firm position of the OPPOSITION BLOC, the parliament nevertheless adopted the draft law No 8362, initiated by us and repaid salary arrears. Such a situation is absurd, and it is the fault of the authorities that they allowed it,” the Co-Chairman of the OPPOSITION BLOC emphasized.

According to Yuriy Boyko, “Naftogaz” is now a real state in the state. “It invented and for the sake of the remnants of the ruling coalition the law was passed by which it got the right to cut entire cities from heat for arrears. We all remember the situation when in February this year Slavutych residents were cut off from heating through the fault of the Ministry of Finance and “Naftogaz”, which, taking advantage of the situation, left people without heat in winter. That is, cities, local budgets and ordinary citizens have become hostages to the mess in the government and the dictatorship of “Naftogaz”.

And the most interesting fact is that Naftogaz is led by a supervisory board of seven members, four of whom are citizens of other states. And they write out bonuses, buy armored cars, raise tariffs, in general, they do what they want, and they do not care about the country, people. In fact, we see that the state-owned company has become uncontrolled by the state. How it was possible to admit this disgrace, which was risen by the authorities,” Yuriy Boyko emphasized.

According to him, the OPPOSITION BLOC intends to deal with this situation and register the draft Resolution on the appeal of the Verkhovna Rada to the Cabinet of Ministers with a demand to take urgent measures to reduce prices and tariffs for housing and communal services and strengthen social protection of citizens. “Therefore, I invite all factions to support this Resolution, which will prohibit the government from raising communal tariffs and gas prices, at least until the end of the year. We must stop this dictatorship of “Naftogaz “and mockery of the country,” the Co-Chairman of the OPPOSITION BLOC summarized.

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