The OPPOSITION BLOC insists on reducing the cost of utility tariffs and gas for the population at least twice. This was stated by the Co-Chairman of the party Yuriy Boyko during his working visit to Brovary, where, due to the conflict of gas companies, the heating season was on the verge of collapse.

According to the politician, such a problem concerns the whole of Ukraine.

“This is a problem for almost the whole of Ukraine. By the way, in Brovary the situation with gas supplies for the population is more or less normal. But the problem exists, since people are no longer able to pay for such high tariffs,” the opposition politician noted.

According to Yuriy Boyko, the government’s intention to raise tariffs by another 30-40% is absolutely erroneous. “A person simply cannot pay for gas more than UAH 10 thousand. And if the national currency devalues, the cost will be even greater,” the MP added.

Yuriy Boyko suggested that if the tariffs did not decrease, Ukrainians would simply stop paying. In less than a year and a half, municipal debts increased almost 1.8-fold, from UAH 20.1 billion at the end of 2016 to UAH 36.1 billion as of the beginning of June 2018.

“Why should a person pay the cost of gas in a German hub and transportation? The country has its own gas, the cost price of which is UAH 1200, if you add taxes, investments plus what is needed for development this is not UAH 10 thousand. It is necessary to reduce tariffs at least twice and stop mocking the country,” the Co-Chairman of the OPPOSITION BLOC noted.

Yuriy Boyko reminded that during the previous heating season many cities were without blue fuel. “For example, in the Kyiv region in February, the city of Slavutich was cut off from gas. In general, almost all cities have the debt, which allows Naftogaz arranging a gas dictate. In fact, Naftogaz, led by foreigners through the Supervisory Board, is mocks the whole country. But who is interested in Naftogaz’s profit in Ukraine? The fact that the whole country was put on subsidies, what made everyone hostage to the tariffs is the fault of not even management of Naftogaz, this is the fault both of the president and the government, which allow them mocking people,” the opposition politician said.

“It is necessary not only to give people the opportunity to pay at normal rates, but to take the country out of the social and economic crisis. With regard to tariffs, reducing them in half will reduce the cost of subsidies by UAH 60 billion. By the way, today the country spends on the subsidy already UAH 71 billion. If the government increases tariffs again, the figures will grow to UAH 114 billion. This is an unbelievable figure for the country and people,” Yuriy Boyko summed up.

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