This was stated by the Co-Chairman of the OPPOSITION BLOC Yuriy Boyko during his visit to the “Elvorty” enterprise in the town of Kropivnitsky. The company has a long history and today is the flagship of agricultural machinery.

“The task of the state is to help such enterprises. First of all, this is expansion of the market. Today such enterprises are under sanctions, and they cannot sell their products to Russia, which was a traditional trading partner. They have lost this market. This is a big financial loss,” Yuriy Boyko explained.

According to him, having closed traditional marketing facilities for domestic enterprises, the government offered nothing in return. That is why the issue of expanding the domestic market is so important.

“The second issue is the expansion of the domestic market. We need to help farmers, restore VAT benefits to give them the opportunity to buy modern machinery that we have seen today, and which inspires confidence in people. This is our Ukrainian, produced by us. It is necessary to give farmers money so that they can buy it,” Yuriy Boyko noted.

The OPPOSITION BLOC prepared a package of draft laws aimed at resolving all these issues, but laws that are vital for people and the country are blocked by this parliament. If the Verkhovna Rada is unable to meet the challenges and issues that really concern citizens, it must self-dissolve and go to early elections.

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