This was stated by the Co-Chairman of the OPPOSITION BLOC Yuriy Boyko.

According to him, in today’s situation, Ukrainian pensioners cannot count on increasing pensions, since the government will not allow the IMF to do this. “The government will not raise pensions for one simple reason – the International Monetary Fund will not allow them to do it. Today, the government operates under the IMF requirements. This is not a partnership; it’s just a rough dictatorship and a path to nowhere. No country that unconditionally fulfilled the requirements of the IMF was successful. This is the way to a social explosion. The current government is a hostage to the IMF and its own economic policy,” the opposition politician said.

Commenting on the situation with pensions for military pensioners and law enforcement pensioners, Yuriy Boyko noted that they had received a partial allowance, but a full recalculation of payments was necessary. “Indeed, they took the first step, gave a partial allowance, but the pension should be recalculated in accordance with inflation and legislation. Pensions to former servicemen have not been recounted since 2012. And they are ready for further protest actions in order to enforce their rights. We will support military and law enforcement pensioners, because the truth is on their side. The government is obliged to give them a pension, which they deserve,” the Co-Chairman of the opposition faction summed up.

Recall that previously the OPPOSITION BLOC has achieved the adoption of the draft law No 8362, which provides payment salary arrears to miners. In addition, the oppositionists have achieved restoration of social guarantees and benefits to liquidators and victims of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident – the relevant decision was passed by the Constitutional Court, having considered the submission of the MPs from the OPPOSITION BLOC.

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